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Are you looking for a business to buy in Arizona? If the answer is yes, maybe you need assistance from a professional, Some one with the experience, knowledge and expertise in helping buyers find just the right business for them.

If you are serious about buying a business, I am 100% committed to helping you find the business that would be just right for you. It is very important that the business you buy is “Just Right For You” and not just one of many businesses that are available for sale.

Rosco Vasser is an “Accredited Business Intermediary” and a member of the “American Business Brokers Association” he has the experience, expertise and knowledge to assist you in the process of finding a well established and profitable business that will be just right for you, that will meet or exceed all of your desires and expectations for your business.

He has been assisting buyers in successful transactions since 2003 (see bio) on web-site for additional information on Rosco's background experience and qualifications.

Keep in mind that buying an existing business is a complex venture there are many components to consider when buying an existing business every thing about the business has to be looked at checked out and verified. Most seller will allow a 20 day due diligence period for checking everything out before making a final approval of the sale.

If you are considering buying an existing business you need to start considering how you will finances the purchase the business.

  1. Funds on hand, saving or CD'S.
  2. Seller financing, some sellers are willing to finance with a good down payment.
  3. 401-K.
  4. SBA loans are available for qualified persons with 20% down, Fast Tract Loans up to $350,000 are approved in hours, larger loans are approved in days, loans available up to 5M.
  5. Loan from family member.

For additional information or to schedule a free no-obligation consultation contact Rosco today at (602) 620- 5170 or

P.S. The good news is there is “no cost” to you for this service of helping you find the right business to buy. Commissions on closed sales transactions are paid by the seller.


  1. Schedule a meeting with the buyer for a free no-obligation consultation.
  2. Buyer will sign the confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, all buyers are required to sign this document prior to any information on a business being released.
  3. Identify the type business buyer is looking to purchased (price range, revenue, profit/cash flow) and anything else they are looking for in a business.
  4. Schedule a meeting with buyer to show the business.
  5. If business is acceptable buyer will make an offer to be presented to the seller for acceptance the offer will include a specified number of days for due diligence.
  6. If the offer is accepted by the seller the business will be placed in escrow with a scheduled closing date, buyer will have an agreed upon number of days for a due diligence period to check the financial records and other information on the company to determine if they want to purchase the business.
  7. If buyer accepts and approves contingencies outlined in the offer, escrow will be closed on the specified date.

Studies have revealed that up to 95% of established businesses that are resold continue to succeed year after year.

Studies reveal up to 80% of new start businesses will fail within the first three years .This makes buying an established business with a good customer base and cash flow worth considering. You could save “Thousands of Dollars” by buying the right established business while increasing your chances for success.

Buying an established business offers you the “BUYER” the option of finding the business that will meet with your business aspirations and dreams of personal business ownership.