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Pro-formance Realty Concepts LLC


PRO-formance Realty Concepts is a privately owned company that provides full business brokerage services to buyers and sellers in the state of Arizona.


We assist in determining the value of your business and establishing the right asking price. We structure the sale where it makes sense to everyone you and the buyer.

We will facilitate the successful listing and sale of your business and serve as an intermediary between you and the buyer. We will handle the delicate phase of negotiations and the structuring of a success full transaction.

We will market your business for fast results. How and where your business is advertised and marketed will have an impact on how long it will stay on the market.

We protect your interest we will conduct a screening process that will eliminate buyers that may not be serious who might be trying to get information under false pretenses for competitive reasons.

We will advertise your business to receive maximum exposure locally and throughout the United States while maintaining strict confidentiality.

We will develop a complete and detailed profile on the operation your business to be provided for perspective buyers after they have signed and returned the required non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.

We solicit and receive offers from qualified buyers and present them for your approval and provide an objective advisement on the evaluation on the offers.

Perhaps we can save you money sometimes sizeable amounts by utilizing the years of experience and knowledge we have gained in the selling process of businesses. We can help you to take advantage of every option available to business owners looking to sell which could maximize your asking price considerably. We have the experience in re-casting financials to receive maximum results. 

We are integrity based brokers and always adhere to all ethical business brokering practices when dealing with each transaction, and focus on meeting you the client’s objectives.

Strict confidentiality is a high priority in the process of listing and selling a business. We require a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement be signed by all perspective buyers before we release pertinent information on your business.

We are readily available to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have, we do not charge up- front fees for consultation and or listing a business for sale. When we list a business we pay for all advertising and marketing fees.

Our experience, knowledge and expertise can make the difference in just getting your business sold and getting it sold for the highest price and most favorable terms, in the shortest time possible.

I will be happy to discuss the opportunity of listing and selling your business in a strictly, private and confidential manner any questions you have will be answered during a private meeting, this consultation is free and puts you under no obligation. Your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

In summary we will handle the entire selling process from listing to the close of escrow utilizing our experience and expertise in keeping transaction together to bring it to a successful close.